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How Textcheck Works

If your looking to figure out how to value a car – just text the word VALUE followed by the cars registration number to 51155. Within minutes you’ll receive an identity check for the registration number provided (great for confirming the cars true identity) and three valuations. One for each condition Excellent, Good and Average.

Find out if you’ve uncovered a true bargain and avoid paying over the odds. Check the car you’re thinking of buying with BEFORE you start negotiations. It’s a great way to determine the true value of a car from a totally independent source.

Don’t run the risk of putting potential buyers off your car or waste valuable time  waiting for offers that never come. Make sure that your asking price is realistic and fair BEFORE you advertise your car.

Our valuations come from Benchmark Automotive. An Irish company specialising in valuing used cars (and vans) for the insurance industry. The registration number and car identity comes from, Ireland’s trusted car history provider who also offer every Textcheck customer a 10% discount on a full history check with every valuation received.

Each valuation costs €3 and includes a vehicle identity check, three valuations and a voucher code for €3.50 off a full Motorcheck report.

Service now available on the O2 and Vodafone networks.

Textcheck is available to subscribers on the O2 & Vodafone Networks